Did you know PERS devices will be shutting down beginning 2022? Yes, it’s true! As carriers shift to 4G and 5G networks, PERS devices with 3G Cellular Connection will be inactive after February 2022. How could this affect your members? Why is this happening? From the article, 3G Sunset: Get Your Fleet Ready for the 3G to 4G Transition, Verizon Connect Mentions, “Cellular providers must free up as much bandwidth as possible to accommodate higher demand—including increased data requirements and faster speeds.”  


This is great news for the PERS industry and especially your members because GPS and Cellular Systems are becoming much more reliable and dependable. Never before have members been able to have such fast service. This means added security and independence for your members! You may be asking yourself, What if my participant has a 3G device? You will need to check with their provider to ensure they have at least a 4G network. For the past year, Alert Medical Alarms has been diligently working on an action plan for all members. All remaining members with 3G networks are currently receiving 4G replacements. If you are unsatisfied or uncertain of the current providers response, we can help you. Want to know if your member is set up with their new 4G device at Alert Medical Alarms or want to understand the 3G Sunset better?


Email Noah Gifford to find out: NGifford@AlertMedicalAlarms.com. If you are interested in meeting together with your team, please reach out! I’d be happy to present more information about this topic.