Cognitive Impairment Package

Finding lost loved ones

Cognitive Impairment Package

Finding lost loved ones

Finding lost loved ones
Lost mom?

Our Cognitive Impairment Package is the complete set up to help find family members and loved ones. When in a crisis, our text to locate feature is your solution.

What if she takes off the device?

Our smartwatch has a wristband that locks. This is a great solution for cognitively impaired members who may tamper or take their devices off!

Locking wristband

Simple Turn-key Solution Locks wrist band in place.

Can we prevent elopement?

We have door and bed alarms that alert all family members and caregivers in the home when a member may try to wander. We’ve helped thousands of members with this solution.

Is this an extra cost?

NO! Our package is totally complimentary with your members PERS authorization. Schedule time to train with our team today!

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