Mobile GPS



Activate your lifestyle with confidence

Alert Medical Alarms GPS Mobile Watch PERS just may be the silver bullet that Managed Care is looking for when trying to pierce the threshold and break through to new heights of Wellness Management, especially when considering the impending and growing lack of quality caregivers.

  • For On-the-Go Safety!
  • Wristband
  • Water Resistant
How do we eradicate reluctance to PERS?

Even though 86% Of Medical Alert System Users Say The Devices Have Helped Save Them From An Incident

Only 16% of participants studied, all of whom had disabilities, used a PERS

The number one reason for refusing PERS is looking old and frail

Splish Splash!

Helping clients break through backyard barriers and beyond.

Heart Rate

Keeps track of your heart rate and gives insight into heart & emotional health


Tracking steps keeps you accountable allowing improved overall health


Lets a person make a better decision about dress & activity

Water Resistant

Your Mobile Watch is water-resistant and can be worn while washing hands, watering plants and showering.

Mobile GPS


Breaking the Backyard Barrier

  • Members enjoy their independence in or away from their home
  • Help for any situation is just a button push away
  • Quick Response assistance sent to where you are

In-Home Unit

Provide Safety in your Home

  • For In–Home Safety
  • Wristband and Necklace Options
  • Water Resistant