Around 6.2 million Americans have Dementia

Over 60% are living in low-income communities
Dementia deaths have increased by 16% during Covid
11.3% of people over the age of 60 are faced with Dementia

We suspect this figure to be LOW!

Do you have a client in this category?

Our Solution:
Text To Locate Tracking Capability

Did you know?

    • Family members and loved ones can text a member’s device and receive their exact GPS location? In an instant?

Overview :

A family member or friend is able to send a SMS message to the PERS device that their participant is wearing. Once the text is sent, the device will reply back it’s exact GPS location using Google Maps.

How It Works :

  1. A family member or friend will have to be listed as a contact for the member so they can text the device.
  2. Text “Find Mom”
  3. The device will then return the location of Mom (provided device powered ON) The feature uses GPS and advanced WiFi location services.
  4. It will send the first valid location it receives back from the device.

This solution has been wildly successful.  A client of ours, Uncle Willie, has benefitted immensely from this feature. Uncle Willie has Dementia and wanders a lot. His nephew, Bruce, is his caregiver. One night Bruce woke up, and realized Uncle Willie was gone! He noticed that the medical alert was not on the charger, which meant Uncle Willie had it on him. That turned out to be great news, because the bad news was, it was the worst winter storm of the season! Bruce immediately texted the device and soon enough, he received his location… ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY!


Bruce immediately got in his car and quickly made his way to the location. Lo and behold, Uncle Willie was sitting on a park bench at the location that the GPS device had indicated! Bruce picked him up, and took him to his warm and safe home. The family was extremely grateful for the Text to Locate feature and don’t know where Uncle Willie would be today without it (Literally).


We learned a lot after our experience with Bruce and Uncle Willie. Our next step was to develop solutions that prevented Uncle Willie from leaving the home.

Introducing AMA Wandering Solutions Package

Includes Bed Exit and In-home Door Alarms

Bed Exit Alarm Set:

  • Effectively alerts caregivers after a fall risk patient exits the bed
  • Alarm monitor resets once patient returns to bed

In Home Door Alarm Sensors:

  • Devices Magnetically triggered alarm sounds when window/door is opened.
  • Alerts you when someone is coming/going while you’re at home.
  • Easy to Use!

Let us help keep your clients safe.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you or your members, please contact Noah Gifford

September 16, 2021

Noah Gifford

VP of Business Development at Alert Medical Alarms Inc

Noah started out installing Medical Alert Systems right out of college working hand in hand with end user clients and developing strong relationships with Service Coordinators at all levels. With his experience, Noah learned the referral process from start to finish. He soon realized the importance of timely communication between case managers and the end user.

That understanding drove Noah to develop the Operational Infrastructure which has produced a word of mouth grass roots explosion in the LTSS world. His vision of making Alert Medical Alarms the number one resource in the PERS Industry became a reality that Today we are all apart of

“We are driven by the needs of our Manage Care and Government Funded Partners. It is our duty to provide the fastest and most reliable service. This is healthcare and there’s no time to waste.” ~ Noah Gifford
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