During the current pandemic, strict social distancing measures are necessary but have also affected many businesses that have been forced to shut down. While multi-billion dollar businesses may have the means to stay afloat during a time of low revenue, smaller businesses do not. 

This means that local companies are shutting down, and small-scale entrepreneurs are losing a lot of money and have to watch all their hard work go to waste. The closure of businesses is also detrimental to the economy and the hundreds of employees who are suddenly left jobless. This is exactly what is happening in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. 

Of course, at a time like this, there are some businesses that have not been affected – primarily, those in healthcare or online retail. Luckily, in Doylestown, one such company is not only doing well but also decided to support other struggling businesses. 

Alert Medical Alarms is a family-owned business that specializes in providing people with a personal emergency response system. With Alert Medical Alarms, just a push of a button can get a customer in touch with a trained operator who can provide you immediate assistance. Working with service coordinators is also one of Alert Medical Alarm’s specialties and allows them to reach more people.

This company was not impacted by the lockdown because it was deemed as an essential business. Hence, they were able to continue their operations despite the closure of other businesses. The owners of the businesses realized how fortunate they were to be in a position where they did not have to worry about their business collapsing. The CEO of the company, Noah Gifford, decided to help other local businesses that were in a tough situation. How did he do this?  Through gift cards. 

Alert Medical Alarms has, to date, purchased approximately $10,000 worth of gift cards from different businesses in Doylestown, and plan on purchasing even more. These include $500 gift cards from many local businesses such as The Salt Cave, Busy Bee Toys, and The Paper Unicorn. 

So, what does Alert Medical Alarms do with these gift cards? The CEO doesn’t keep these gift cards for himself or any of the employees. Instead, the gift cards are divided up and given to members of the local community who are in need and struggling during the pandemic. Initiatives like these are rare to see in today’s business climate, but they play a part in fostering the growth of the economy.